The Surprising Link between Heart & Hearing Health

Cardiovascular disease is an extremely serious health issue in the United States. In fact, it’s the cause of one out of every four deaths among Americans, making it the leading killer of both men and women annually.

Heart disease is also linked to other health issues that affect quality of life – even hearing loss.

Your Heart and Hearing HealthThe connection between your heart and hearing health
Though researchers aren’t exactly sure why, countless evidence links hearing and heart health. Experts are beginning to believe that damaged blood vessels from heart disease actually decrease blood flow to the ears, which is a vital part of hearing.

What does this mean?
Researchers don’t understand what comes first – hearing loss, which might indicate future heart problems, or cardiovascular disease, which might cause hearing loss. Some experts think that low-frequency hearing loss might be the first indicator of an underlying heart condition. This important finding suggests that audiologists and other hearing healthcare providers play a critical role in overall health.

The bottom line
We encourage all of our patients to take heart disease seriously. It has life-threatening effects, as well as impacts your overall health, including your hearing.

We also believe that your hearing health shouldn’t be assessed in a vacuum – together with your primary care doctor, we can maximize the information we have to positively influence your overall health.

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