You can’t see hearing loss, and humans have difficulty understanding concepts that are not visible. You’re struggling with hearing loss, and your family is frustrated too, so what can you do?

It takes the whole family to achieve better communication. Advocate for yourself and be open to what your family needs as well. Everyone will be better off when the lines of communication are open and clear.

Don’t Leave Yourself Out

Leaving yourself out of the conversation can make you feel isolated and takes its toll on your relationships. Putting in the time to sit down with your loved ones to express your needs is better than constantly struggling through everyday conversations.

Tips For The Family

Good communication practices are more than speaking louder. Practice good visual cues to improve conversations with those who struggle with hearing loss.

Keep your lips visible: While hearing aids amplify sounds, they don’t always make them crystal clear. Lip-reading gives visual cues that help match sounds with spoken words.

Give context: Before a conversation, or if you switch subjects, provide context. Those with hearing loss can better differentiate similar sounding words when they’re aware of what they’re discussing.

Get their attention: Since those with hearing loss need to put forth an extra effort to concentrate on conversations, make it easier for them by getting their attention before you speak.

How To Include Other In Your Journey

It’s just as important for you to take steps to include your family in your journey with hearing loss. Talk to them about your frustrations so you can work together to find a solution.

Talk about hearing aids: Explain how your hearing aids have changed your hearing. Your brain will still be working on relearning sounds, and your family needs to understand your hearing devices aren’t a quick fix.

Bring the family to the audiologist: Not only will they provide support, but loved ones can also provide helpful insight to your audiologist. Appointments are also the perfect time for loved ones to ask questions of their own.

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