Looking for Hearing Aids? Visit an Audiologist

Purchasing hearing aids means you’re investing in a part of your health that greatly impacts your overall quality of life. And because today’s hearing aids are much more advanced, utilizing the expertise of an audiologist ensures you receive services and products that address your needs.

Beware Cheap “Hearing Aids”

It may be tempting to purchase hearing devices from your local drug store or online, but technically, those devices are personal sound amplification products (PSAP), not hearing aids. In fact, the FDA forbids them from being marketed as such.

And they come with some serious drawbacks:

  • Since they only amplify sounds, PSAPs pick up and increase background noises when you turn up the volume.
  • They don’t account for frequency hearing loss, so you may still struggle to hear certain sounds and voices.
  • PSAPs cannot connect to wireless technology such as smartphones, televisions and tablets.
  • They often produce feedback because the mic picks up sounds from its own speaker.
  • They don’t provide a custom fit to your unique ear shape.

How Audiologists can Help

Audiologists receive six to eight years of schooling and learn diagnostic and rehabilitative techniques to address the complexities of hearing loss. They do much more than administer hearing tests.

They’re trained to evaluate and determine the cause of your hearing loss and curate a personalized approach to maximize your hearing and prevent further damage.

They’re also well-versed in the latest hearing aid technology, so they can help you find the right device to suit your needs and preferences.

Audiologists also provide:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations including otoscopies, pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests
  • Communication classes and counseling to help you adjust to your new hearing devices
  • Follow-up appointments to customize fit and programming
  • Treatment for auditory conditions such as tinnitus, Meniere’s disease and ear infections

If you’re looking for an audiologist in Greenbrae, California, contact Audiology Services of Marin or call 415-461-9703. Our expert staff will help you get started on your journey to better hearing.