The summer season brings a number of things to mind: warm sun, time spent in nature, and pool days.

While pleasurable to the body and soul, summer activities can be less friendly to your hearing aids. Moisture, humidity, allergens and other debris can negatively impact the ability of your devices to work properly.

Audiology Services of Marin, Inc. offers the following information about protecting your hearing aids – and, consequently, your hearing – this summer:

  1. Store them safely: This is the most basic thing you can do to protect your devices. When you’re around water, don’t take chances – put them in a waterproof container. Keep the container away from the pool or, if in a boat, place it somewhere protected where water is no likely to reach. If you’re in a pinch for a container, a sealed plastic baggie should be fine – but keep in mind they don’t always fully seal.
  2. Look for water-resistant models: A variety of hearing aids come with water-resistant protection and make sense for those often around water or who tend to sweat outside. While they are not waterproof, they are effective at adding another layer of protection against water and perspiration.
  3. Put them in the dryer: If you forget to take your hearing aids out before taking a dip in the pool, don’t panic. If you have a hearing aid dehumidifier, all may not be lost. Dry them off as much as possible before placing them in the dehumidifier. These products can remove internal moisture from your hearing aids, kill germs and deodorize them. Dehumidifiers are a worthy investment for hearing aid wearers often around water or when condensation is a regular concern.
  4. Reach for protective accessories: There are a number of devices you can purchase to help keep your hearing aids dry around water, such as a sleeve or cord. Sleeves are made of a spandex nylon that goes over the device – allowing sound to enter while keeping water, sweat, sand and dirt at bay. Cords clip onto your shirt and attach to the sleeve, keeping the hearing aids from accidentally falling to the ground or water.
  5. Insure your hearing aids: We all know hearing devices aren’t cheap – it may bring you peace of mind to invest in insurance for them. These policies protect your hearing aids in case of loss, damage or repair.

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