Image of Business Team Discussing Ideas in LoungeMany people with hearing loss may assume there is a long list of jobs they can’t do because of their diminished hearing ability.

The opposite is actually true, although some adjustment in strategy and expectations may help – both for the person with hearing loss and their coworkers.

Audiology Services of Marin reminds you that for every job that a person with hearing loss may not be suited for – a sound engineer, an astronaut – there are hundreds of positions they can do.

Adjust to Avoid Exhaustion

Performing a job in the presence of hearing loss can be exhausting – spending so much energy on hearing what others are saying can take away from other skills needed to do the job.

It helps to be open with your coworkers, bosses and customers about your hearing loss. Although many people try to hide it, hearing loss is eventually noticed and it can affect business and personal relationships if others don’t understand the situation. Being open about it may even bring you closer to your associates.

Remember that even if you can’t do a job exactly the same as someone else, you can develop your own strategies for getting the work done just as effectively.

Minimize the Impact of Your Hearing Loss

It’s important to put yourself in the best position possible to succeed in your job, so be proactive in handling your hearing loss:

  • Select high-quality hearing aids
  • Use assistive listening devices in meetings or on phone calls
  • Talk to your employer about the importance of having good acoustics in key areas
  • Ask bosses or coworkers to use visual means of communication whenever possible, such as blackboards, screens and PowerPoint presentations
  • Ask for important messages to be given in writing or via email to prevent misunderstanding

If you are experiencing problems in the workplace due to hearing loss, make an appointment at Audiology Services of Marin by calling (415) 461-9703 or contact us online.