Hearing Aid Brands

At Audiology Services of Marin, we are not hearing aid dispensers; we are licensed audiologists who understand that no two people experience hearing loss the same way. After a series of questions and comprehensive hearing tests, we’ll present solutions tailored to the type and severity of your hearing loss, as well as your personality, lifestyle and budget.

We carry a wide variety of hearing aid styles from major manufacturers, including:

ReSound make the world’s smartest hearing aids and accessories. The world is full of sounds that you don’t want to miss –voices, laughter or a skateboarder on the sidewalk. ReSound technologies take full advantage of your brain’s natural ability to hear and focus on what’s important to you. The newest hearing aids, ReSound LiNX 3D deliver top-rated quality and clear speech understanding to provide you with a more vivid awareness of your sound environment adapting to you instead of making you adapt to them.

A division of Phonak, Lyric hearing aids are some of the newest and most technologically advanced devices on the market today. These Extended Wear devices are placed by our experts. They can be in place for up to 120-days and are virtually invisible.

From entry-level to advanced, for mild to severe hearing loss, there are Phonak hearing aids all across the board. Their product line includes: the Nano, Ambra, Solana, Cassia, and BiCROS.

Most hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. Product line includes: the CLEAR, the Mind and the Menu and vary in capabilities.


Many of these hearing aids are compatible with Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs), can be used for varying degrees of hearing loss. Product line includes: Ino, Acto, Agil and the new Alta.

We’ll work with you to match the right hearing aid to fit your needs.

Schedule your appointment with us today, and discover why so many residents of Greenbrae, California and the surrounding areas rely on the professionals at Audiology Services of Marin for all of their hearing healthcare needs.



of American adults have experienced tinnitus lasting for at least five minutes in the past year. Hearing Loss Association of America
Adults in the United States could benefit from wearing hearing aids.
Hearing Loss Association of America


We understand that one of the primary reasons people go without hearing aids is the cost. That’s why we offer CareCredit, our no-interest payment plan.