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6 Signs You Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss symptoms can be sneaky, so you may not notice you’ve lost your hearing until you’ve suffered significant hearing damage. Here are some signs of hearing loss. Ringing in Your Ears Tinnitus is one of the earliest signs of hearing loss. It’s caused by damage to the tiny hair cells in your ears that [...]

What to Expect During Your First Hearing Evaluation

You should consider having a hearing test if you’re over 60 or your occupation exposes you to loud noises. Here’s what you can expect during your hearing test. Health History Assessment and Physical Evaluation Along with asking about any family history of hearing loss, your audiologist will want to know about your medical history. They [...]

Looking for Hearing Aids? Visit an Audiologist

Purchasing hearing aids means you’re investing in a part of your health that greatly impacts your overall quality of life. And because today’s hearing aids are much more advanced, utilizing the expertise of an audiologist ensures you receive services and products that address your needs. Beware Cheap “Hearing Aids” It may be tempting to purchase [...]

How Stress Affects Hearing Loss

Your body is comprised of physiological networks that work closely together to ensure your well-being. If stress affects one system, it will likely have a ripple effect causing repercussions in other parts of your body. We all know stress can be bad for your health. It affects your heart rate, blood pressure and immune system, [...]

Tinnitus 101: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Tinnitus is a perceived ringing in the ears that has no discernable source. It’s extremely common, and about 30 million Americans report having tinnitus. Severity varies, but one in five individuals categorizes their tinnitus as “disabling or nearly disabling.” Symptoms Tinnitus manifests in a variety of sounds, including: Ringing Buzzing Thumping Whooshing Clicking Hissing Humming [...]

Protect Your Hearing Aids from the Cold

Cold weather can take a toll on your hearing aids. Here are some common problems and what you can do to protect your devices from damage. Ear Wax Build-Up During the winter months, earwax production increases to protect your ears from the lower temperatures. But excess earwax can harden and clog earmolds and receivers. To [...]

Improve Your Quality Of Life With Hearing Aids

The positive effects of wearing hearing aids are far-reaching. Wearing hearing aids allows you to enjoy a full social life, maintain your safety, and boost your earning power. Improving your hearing means you’re committing to improving daily living. Enjoy Social Interactions It’s hard to hold a conversation when you can’t hear well. Hearing aids provide [...]

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How Exercise Affects Your Hearing

Regular exercise burns calories, prevents obesity, boosts energy, and can ease depression and anxiety. However, exercise environments – like gyms or fitness clubs – can take a toll on your hearing. Ruptures And Balance Issues Excessive pressure in your ears can cause tears or ruptures in the eardrum. Your ears may “pop,” and you begin [...]

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Protect Your Hearing While You Pump Iron

You may be weakening your hearing as you strengthen your body at the gym. Know the signs of gym-related hearing loss and protect yourself during your workout. Signs Of Gym-Related Hearing Loss Feeling as though your ears are “clogged” during a workout is a common occurrence. The sensation is caused by putting pressure on your [...]

Hearing Aid Satisfaction: A 10-Year Makeover In The Making

Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, today’s hearing aids are stepping out with a brand-new look. But instead of fine jewelry and fancy dresses, today’s hearing aid technology comes with sleek designs and smart technology. Hearing Aids Stigma Is Down Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed about your hearing devices. The stigma previously associated [...]

Hearing Aid Satisfaction: On The Rise And Ever-Growing

Today’s hearing aids possess more capabilities than ever before. The science behind your ear’s hearing mechanism has taken off over the last 10 years, and so has hearing aid technology. Gone are the days of clunky devices behind your ears. Styles and designs are smaller, sleeker, and more powerful than their previous counterparts. Function And [...]

COVID-19 Update

At Audiology Services of Marin, Inc., the safety and well-being of our staff and customers is always our priority, and we recognize the important role we play in providing complete hearing health care during this critical time. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and taking steps to help keep our communities safe. We wanted [...]

Make Your Hearing Loss Plan A Family Affair

You can’t see hearing loss, and humans have difficulty understanding concepts that are not visible. You’re struggling with hearing loss, and your family is frustrated too, so what can you do? It takes the whole family to achieve better communication. Advocate for yourself and be open to what your family needs as well. Everyone will [...]

A Gift Guide For The Hearing Impaired

Find the perfect present for your loved ones with our hearing-impaired gift guide for all ages. No matter what you give, their favorite present will always be spending time together during the holidays. Children and Teens Adjusting to hearing loss and hearing aids can be tough for adolescents. Check out these gift ideas that will [...]

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How Alzheimer’s Patients Can Benefit From Hearing Aids

Although the link isn’t completely understood, numerous studies have found links between hearing loss and the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. With more than 5.7 million people in the U.S. currently living with some form of dementia, Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S. Every 65 seconds, another [...]

How to Protect Your Hearing Aids This Summer

The summer season brings a number of things to mind: warm sun, time spent in nature, and pool days. While pleasurable to the body and soul, summer activities can be less friendly to your hearing aids. Moisture, humidity, allergens and other debris can negatively impact the ability of your devices to work properly. Audiology Services [...]

How Hearing Aids Improve Communication

Although deciding to get hearing aids is a huge step, the devices don’t do you much good if you aren’t committed to wearing them. It seems like common sense, but it’s all too familiar of a situation – studies show that less than one-third of people over 70 who could hear better with a hearing [...]

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Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have To Limit Your Work

Many people with hearing loss may assume there is a long list of jobs they can’t do because of their diminished hearing ability. The opposite is actually true, although some adjustment in strategy and expectations may help – both for the person with hearing loss and their coworkers. Audiology Services of Marin reminds you that [...]

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Why You Should Not Ignore Hearing Loss

People may not take single-sided hearing loss as seriously as they would hearing impairment in both ears. This kind of thinking could lead to a quick and permanent loss of hearing if not addressed quickly. Audiology Services of Marin offers the following information about why you never want to ignore any type of hearing loss, [...]

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Reasons to NOT Delay your Hearing Appointment

Do Not Delay a Hearing Appointment If you’ve been delaying making that appointment with your audiologist, May is Better Hearing Month – the perfect time to quit procrastinating. There are many reasons why putting off your hearing health is detrimental to not only your ears but many other aspects of your health and overall well-being. [...]

  • Medicine and Hearing Loss

How Medicine Can Cause Hearing Loss

Medicine and Hearing Loss Did you know that medicine designed to make you feel better can actually contribute to hearing loss? Some prescription and over-the-counter drugs are known as ototoxic, meaning they are known to contribute to hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems. Audiology Services or Marin reminds you that more than 200 medications are [...]

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Smartphone Technology Boosts Hearing Aids’ Capabilities

The Latest in Smartphone Technology The rise in smartphone technology has led to a rise in listening possibilities with internet-connected hearing aids. Smart devices such as your iPhone or Android phone can do everything from stream music, TV or phone calls directly to your ears, control volume settings and help locate your hearing aids if [...]

  • Progression of Haring Loss

Progression of Hearing Loss & Solution

Progression of Hearing Loss & Solutions Although hearing loss can be experienced at any age, pop culture during your generation can often be a determining factor in the reasons of your auditory issues. The Greatest Generation Those born in the first part of the 20th century faced a number of world events that impacted [...]

Hearing Heart To Heart

Hearing Heart To Heart The family and friends of those experiencing hearing loss will often notice the issue long before the patient is willing to admit it.  For some individuals, they may not respond to being told: “you have a hearing problem.” Reasons why a person may avoid having their hearing tested: It happened [...]

  • Food & Tinnitus

Food & Tinnitus

The Impacts of your Diet on Tinnitus Tinnitus is a common occurrence, affecting over 20 million people in the United States.  The symptoms and severity can vary person to person, as well as triggers. Your diet can affect your tinnitus symptoms; here are some foods to limit. Fats & Meats: High cholesterol has been found [...]

  • Treatment for Hearing Loss

Treatment for Hearing Loss

Treatment for Hearing Loss Hearing loss is a health condition that affects 36 million people in the U.S., including nearly half of all Americans over the age of 75. Despite its commonality, only 20 percent of those with hearing loss address the issue by seeing a hearing specialist. Summer is the perfect time to [...]

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The Surprising Link between Heart & Hearing Health

The Surprising Link between Heart & Hearing Health Cardiovascular disease is an extremely serious health issue in the United States. In fact, it’s the cause of one out of every four deaths among Americans, making it the leading killer of both men and women annually. Heart disease is also linked to other health issues that [...]



of American adults have experienced tinnitus lasting for at least five minutes in the past year. Hearing Loss Association of America
Adults in the United States could benefit from wearing hearing aids.
Hearing Loss Association of America

Do you suspect you may have Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a major public health issue that ranks third in line after arthritis and heart disease as one of the most common physical conditions? If you have suspected for a while you have hearing loss but just haven’t got around to doing anything about it, that is not unusual. On average it takes people seven years from the time they think they might have a hearing loss to the time they seek treatment.